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Know Your Panty Styles

  1. Bikini panties are the classic panty style. They have skinny sides, and have medium back coverage. These are the ideal panty styles to rock when you hit the gym, because they’ll move with you. Instead of fighting off thong chafing, you can focus on getting rippppeddd.
  2. Briefs -also known as boyshorts, the boycut panty is very similar in design to a man’s underwear – namely the brief. They cover the buttocks completely and extend up to the upper thighs, and also provide coverage to the inner thigh. One might confuse them with hipsters; however boycut panties cover more area as compared to hipsters.
  3. The cheeky is exactly what you think it is! It’s similar to a bikini with a more exposed back. The cheeky thong covers a little bit of your cheeks, but isn’t a full-on bikini fit. These are perfect to wear with jeans, because you won’t get a strong panty line and you have a little more coverage on your lady parts from bulky jean seams.
  4. G-strings will give you the least coverage, but will give you a smoother silhouette under tight dresses and pants. They have string sides and a string back, giving your buns the spotlight.
  5. The hipster panty is set low on the hips, and has wider sides. It’s a hybrid between a boyshort and bikini cut. If you like a little extra coverage than what your average bikini panty provides, the hipster is your long lost love.
  6. T Back – This variation of the thong actually has a rear cover in the shape of a “T” and hence the name. The back doesn’t quite disappear like the g-string.
  7. Thongs aren’t just stringy little things anymore. Though they have a skinnier waistband with minimal coverage on back side, lingerie designers have made the bands at the hip wider and more comfortable on your curves. Plus, you can say goodbye to Visible Panty Lines without sacrificing comfort.

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